The Therapy Center is Westchester County’s Premier Behavioral Health Care Center. We offer complete services to help Families, Adults, Couples, Adolescents and Children. Our staff of our 40 clinicians are uniquely matched to provide each patient with the expertise and comfort needed for outstanding success.

“I could barely wake up in the morning due to my ongoing depression. Thanks so much to The Therapy Center for giving me my life back!”

– M. Weisburger

Why we are considered the premier Behavioral Health Care Center in Westchester County
  • Excellent clinical reputation since 1993
  • Comprehensive, innovative services
  • Free clinical intake to ensure the proper fit
  • Comfortable, attractive, professional setting
  • We accept most major insurances


Gary Silverstein, LCSW-R
Co Founder & Executive Director

Brian Gerety, LCSW-R
Co Founder & Executive Clinical Director

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