About Us

The Therapy Center was established in 1993 by Gary Silverstein and Brian Gerety. Brian’s background includes years of work in the substance abuse field including 8 years as a Student Assistance Counselor at Fox Lane High School. Gary’s experience includes work at mental health settings, creating and leading an adolescent program at Four Winds Hospital and Supervising Eliot House. While in private practice, both recognized the limitations of being in a “solo” practice. They decided to join together and create a “center” which would offer the community a full range of clinical services “under one roof” with a private practice mentality and a client centered focus.

Gary Silverstein, LCSW-R
Co Founder & Executive Director
Brian Gerety, LCSW-R
Co Founder & Executive Clinical Director


Mike DePaoli, LCSW-R
Clinical Director
The Therapy Center, Brewster

The Therapy Center was created and continues to expand beyond Gary and Brian’s expectations. In 1995, they recognized a need for an additional location and chose Brewster N.Y. They teamed with Michael DePaoli, LCSW-R, a highly respected clinician and Program Director from Four Winds Hospital. Today the Brewster office under Michael’s leadership, is a thriving pratice with 15 clinicians.

Lorraine Innes, MD
Medical Director of TTC Psychiatric

In 1999, Gary and Brian met Lorraine Innes,  MD. Gary and Brian recognized something very special about Lorraine: “She is a psychiatrist with a social worker’s heart.” In 2000, Lorraine created TTC Psychiatric.

Gary and Brian continue to explore new, innovative, and exciting ways of meeting our communities mental health / behavioral health needs.

Personal Growth

We help our clients to deal more effectively with life’s challenges and obstacles. Psychotherapy is an active process that encourages people to explore, identify and resolve issues, resulting in personal growth.


We offer a full range of services to help:

  • Individuals realize their potential
  • Couples strengthen their bonds
  • Families grow into stable units
  • Children and adolescents thrive emotionally, both socially and at home.


We are regarded as the most comprehensive and highly respected private psychotherapy practice in Northern Westchester and Putnam. Established in 1993, we continue our commitment with a caring community of over 40 licensed psychotherapists. We have specialists in all areas of mental/behavioral health including: Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Substance Abuse Counselors.

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